Calyptus Consulting has a comprehensive set of consulting services to assist clients in the development of procurement, government acquisition and supply chain capabilities, review and improvement of key processes , provide the necessary training, and then to continually assess performance on an on-going basis to ensure that clients are effectively providing efficient service. If applicable, we will ensure that all work is in compliance with internal and external policies and statutes.

We assist clients in the development of Best-in-Class Procurement capabilities from procurement planning through contract execution and performance. Calyptus delivers exceptional training to ensure that team and procurement processes continue to operate at their peak effectiveness. Training is delivered on either an as-needed or ongoing basis.

Calyptus Consulting Group Delivers Procurement/Sourcing Strategies That Align With Your Strategy and Mission

We help customers deploy Strategic Sourcing processes by developing category plans and reducing procurement costs.
Calyptus uses a set of tools to improve efficiency such as:
1. Category Management Toolkit
2. Proposal Analysis Workbench
3. Total Cost Calculators
4. Negotiation simulations

Strategic Consulting Services in Supply Chain Management

Calyptus uses a Direction Setting Model that evaluates internal strengths and weaknesses as well as market forces and environmental factors to be used to assess or create strategies and objectives. The tools to be used include our policy deployment system. We also conduct an organization quality survey to assess the organization’s commitment to improvement.

Supply chain strategies and best practices are used to enable your organization to operate efficiently and to excel in mastering your Strategic Sourcing goals and initiatives.

Cross industry best-in-class benchmarks can be provided to compare a client’s performance to industry benchmarks. Calyptus has collected data from manufacturing and service industries, education, and public sector performance.