Organizational Design

Successful organizations need smart organizational design. Thriving organizations not just happen – they are built to be sustained over time. Operational design involves the structuring of roles and responsibilities, appropriate headcount, productivity standards, corresponding information flows, and job descriptions within a context of established goals and objectives.

Calyptus performs comprehensive organizational reviews and studies, creates and assesses job classifications, and evaluates and determines workload and staffing. We employ Full-Time-Equivalent (FTE) analysis tools to evaluate staffing based on best practices and industry standards. Our capabilities and services address managerial and unionized workforces.

Organizational Assessment

We use an organizational assessment approach to determine the effectiveness of a given organizational structure and culture. We follow a multi-step method to assess organization structure alternatives. 98 elements are evaluated across a number of key dimensions. For manufacturing clients, vision and strategy, objectives, measurements, continuous improvement and supply chain improvement are assessed. We assess organizational quality using a Malcolm Baldrige-related tool.

Headcount studies

We can perform headcount studies to compare a company’s headcount to best in class practices and benchmarks.

RACI chart Analysis

Calyptus will also use RACI chart analysis to link the current roles and responsibilities with the responsibilities referenced in policies and procedures and other organizational systems of record.

Customized Organizational Assessments

Calyptus Group's organizational assessment offerings can be tailored to a client’s market and can be applied to both public and private sector clients. The objective is to help leaders structure their organizations in a way that ensures the organization will accomplish the overall business strategies while also efficiently executing the tactical day-to-day tasks. Calyptus uses a participative process to float up the best ideas and organizational nuances that are critical to any organizational design. The result is an organizational design chosen and embraced by the organization itself, infused with the insight and best practices and facilitation skills of Calyptus Consulting. Calyptus Consulting approaches Strategic Organization Design as a four-step process with a systematic, step-by-step method for examining the structure of organizations. The four-phases are as follows:

  1. Preliminary Analysis
  2. Strategic Design
  3. Operational Design
  4. Implementation

Calyptus Consulting knows how to work with clients to intelligently realign their organizational structure with the needs of the markets, customers, and employees.