Calyptus Consulting has a strong set of consulting services, and extensive experience advising clients in the public sector. Calyptus has specialized in the particular challenges faced in acquisition by the public sector for 20+ years. We have advised hundreds of clients and performed compliance reviews for numerous clients

Acquisition organizations in the public sector have a special set of challenges, given the public trust they serve. There are numerous regulatory bodies with multiple sets of regulations governing public acquisition. When it comes to compliance deficiencies, training and the development of effective policies and procedures are critical.

Calyptus can provide guidance for how to build compliance into processes, how to maintain compliance, and how to anticipate and remediate deficiencies in government acquisition. We provide guidance to organizations using public funds and grants in understanding applicable regulations and their implications, how to be in compliance, and how to continually monitor acquisition practices for compliance.

Acquisition practices in the public sector can be improved with regular training, assessment, and consulting services.

Calyptus Consulting Delivers:

Procurement system review preparation and conduct
Best practices for public procurement compliance
Deficiency assessment and corrective action
Risk management strategies
Policies, procedures, practices and tools for compliance, and deficiency remediation
Pre-audit assessment and readiness
Training in acquisition and compliance best practices

Calyptus provides on-site services to governmental acquisition office in contracts specialist services, closeouts, and market research.