Calyptus Consulting helps organizations with lean management processes. Most companies today find a continuous quality improvement focus to be critically important to their business. This requires continual monitoring, attention, and updating with Best Practices. Companies are challenged to strategically align the organizational component of continuous quality improvement with their policies and procedures, the quality management system elements, and tie this into supplier (relationship) management.

Calyptus Consulting provides this overall strategic assistance. We can address a single focused issued or program element, or perform a lean management system audit to provide a more encompassing assessment of how a program is executing.

Calyptus Consulting Delivers:

Continuous improvement Best Practices
Quality management system assessments
Six Sigma Programs
Benchmarking Practices
Guidance and Management of Lean Management Initiatives

Calyptus can help an organization with:

Lean management planning
Continuous improvement and project planning
Quality monitoring
Supply chain quality/lean management
Lean management performance measures
Integration of the lean management system to the procurement and transit management processes