What is Agile Acquisition? 

Agile acquisition is the process to apply agile software development methodologies. There are significant advantages to implementing agile acquisition strategies, including time to market, cost savings, higher software quality, and more customer focused results. There are also broad and specific challenges to implementing agile acquisition to software development.

Challenges with Adapting & Applying Agile in the Federal Environment:

1. Teams had difficulty collaborating closely. 

2. Procurement practices may not support Agile projects. 

3. Teams had difficulty transitioning to self-directed work. 

4. Customers did not trust iterative solutions. 

5. Staff had difficulty committing to more timely and frequent input. 

6. Teams had difficulty managing iterative requirements. 

7. Agencies had trouble committing staff. 

8. Compliance reviews were difficult to execute within an iteration time frame. 

9. Timely adoption of new tools was difficult. 

10. Federal reporting practices do not align with Agile. 

11. Technical environments were difficult to establish and maintain. 

12. Traditional artifact reviews do not align with Agile. 

13. Agile guidance was not clear. 

14. Traditional status tracking does not align with Agile. 

How Calyptus Can Help:

Research & Evaluation

Calyptus can help you identify obstacles, categorize the severity of each obstacle, indicate the obstacles that have diminished or increased, and note any additional information or training needed. We will provide a detailed document with the results of the evaluation. We will use agile methodologies to assist including the Fibonacci scale for sizing stories of work.

Analysis of Potential Solutions

We will work with your internal team to develop potential solutions. 

Like the list of obstacles, these inputs will be consolidated into common topical areas. We can also:

  1. Categorize the resources needed of each obstacle

  2. Identify additional information needed

  3. Provide input on other agencies having similar solutions

  4. Advise on the timetable for the solution

  5. Note any additional information or training needed

Prepare and organize discussion 

We can prepare for a facilitated event of up to three days to discuss both the obstacles and potential solutions for implementing the principles discussed above.

Tools Used

We use cause and effect analysis, LOE evaluation processes, lean management and six sigma tools as well as FMEA for these projects.