As important to procurement, quality, and supply chain systems are the human resources and supply chain executing these processes. Maintaining human capital resources, and making sure that the right resources are in the right places, with the right set of expectations and job descriptions, is critical to organizational success. Calyptus Consulting has a comprehensive set of consulting services to develop procurement, acquisition, transit management and supply chain capabilities.

Calyptus Consulting Delivers:

  • Human capital assessments / utilization assessments
  • Functional / skills assessment / development / alignment
  • Benchmarking
  • Policies and procedures
  • Skill needs analysis and development plans
  • Functional / role definitions, and job descriptions
  • Training

Calyptus Can Help an Organization with:

  • Human Capital strategies that align with strategies and missions
  • Roles and responsibilities definition
  • Human capital / process mapping
  • Job descriptions development
  • Skills and knowledge enhancement
  • Organizational assessment and headcount analysis

Every company needs to have a human capital resource that is aligned with the organization’s overall mission, with clearly defined roles and responsibilities, identified and assessed skills, and supporting policies and procedures. When any one of these is askew, then the execution of the strategy suffers.

Calyptus has taken on these challenges for many different organizations. We bring in an exceptional consulting capability to help with the understanding of need identification of solutions, and delivery and implementation of the processes needed to help a collective group of staff become an integrated team.