Qualifications & Approach


Calyptus tam qualifications:

Few firms have the requisite knowledge and skills within their existing organization to perform TAM consulting services. Yet, Calyptus’ experience and working relationships with the FTA put us in a unique position to support recipients achieve compliance in this new area. A holistic capability is needed to encompass the  engineering, grants management, capital planning, maintenance, systems, and procurement aspects of the TAM Plan.

As an FTA reviewer, Calyptus is tasked with conducting initial and enhanced reviews and providing technical assistance where needed. Every review involves evaluating the grantee’s asset management, satisfactory continuing control of FTA funded assets and vehicle and facility/equipment for compliance with FTA regulations, and may require enhanced reviews. To date, Calyptus has conducted over 240 Triennial Reviews. Since the last FTA Triennial Review cycle, Calyptus conducted fourteen (14) enhanced Maintenance reviews and maintenance/asset management technical assistance for two (2) additional grantees.

Calyptus has also developed specialized asset management training, which have been delivered to several public and private sector clients including the World Bank, the Foxboro Co., Energizer, MWRA, Otis Elevator Company, and Pratt & Whitney. The asset management training created for the World Bank was a step-by-step overview of their asset management plans in 162 offices around the world, including an overview of roles, responsibilities, and the reporting structure. This training was made available through in-person training or via the online eLearning platform. Calyptus is also providing these options to the Pace TAM task force and to HART. The process and tools for developing the training will be essential for drafting and delivering the TAM Plan ‘how-to’ guide to the internal TAM task force following the gap analysis.

Calyptus' tam approach:

Calyptus takes a holistic approach to completing TAM Plans, which FTA recipients must now submit by October 1, 2018. TAM is a management system aimed at tracking, evaluating, planning, and improving fixed assets funded by the FTA. The specific requirements of TAM have been articulated by FTA in a series of publications and guidance documents, which form the foundation of the project approach.

Our approach includes the following:

  1. Assess current asset management program
  2. Conduct best practices research and gap analysis in order to frame a comprehensive implementation plan
  3. Determine agency goals and TAM initiatives
  4. Recommend a TAM framework for performance measurement
  5. Identify the optimal IT system solution
  6. Build investment plans and strategies
  7. Specify a TAM framework that includes the nine aspects of a TAM plan as specified by FTA and integrates applicable best practices related to asset inventory practices, condition assessments, prioritization of investment, target setting, useful life benchmarking, risk management, roles and responsibilities, and reporting.
  8. Finalize the asset inventory and plan
  9. Conduct training of staff and provided technology transfer of skills
  10. Annually update the plan to meet FTA, NTD, and the MTC reporting requirements