Procurement System Reviews

Calyptus Consulting Group offers a comprehensive set of consulting services to help transit agencies improve the procurement and supply chain performance and compliance with Federal requirements. We assist organizations with procurement system review preparation related to Federal Transit Administration (FTA) requirements and help complete corrective actions.

We offer consulting services to guide our clients through to meet the compliance requirements of the 60 areas applicable for FTA grants. We are also able to assist clients in developing procedures for procurement and contracts management under the Common Rule and 2 CFR 200.

The Consulting Program Includes:

  • Assessing aligned with 49 CFR and FTA C 4220 guidelines
  • Providing benchmarking output for productivity.
  • Completing the Analysis, design and implementation of policies and procedures based on Procurement best practices as well as inventory and warehouse management
  • Improving any procurement department capabilities
  • Assessment of DBE and Buy America compliance and reporting.

Our Qualifications

Calyptus Consulting Group has 20 years of experience in Transit management having conducted over 120 Procurement System reviews for FTA. We have worked with large and small grantees on consulting projects related to improvement in procurement in the areas of file documentation, policies and procedures, purchase card implementation, staffing and organizations, and the establishment of effective measures.